About Us

Lilyrose Antenatal Clinic provides Pregnancy care to mothers in the Coffs Harbour district and beyond. All women and their families are shown compassionate interest in their wellbeing. Mothers can view their baby on the Ultrasound and are given information about their health options as required.  We’re a ‘Bulk-billing Practice’.

Lilyrose Pregnancy Support is a not-for-profit, Christian-based organisation which exists to offer emotional and practical support to women and families experiencing a planned or unplanned pregnancy.


Our aim is to empower women by ensuring that they are fully informed, supported and encouraged. With trained volunteer mentors offering confidential, compassionate and caring assistance. Our trained volunteer Mentors ensure mothers are fully informed, supported and encouraged. Our telephone line is available 24 hrs and appointments can be made for face to face mentoring*.


The Lilyrose Pregnancy Support Centre is integrated into the Coffs Harbour community.  In order to meet any immediate and/or long-term needs that we are not able to meet ourselves, our extensive referral list connects our clients to a vast array of local and regional services.