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Some great reasons to adopt!

Your choice to value your baby’s life and bring your baby into the world, gives your child a wonderful chance in life to reach their potential. Your baby will bring immense joy to the family he/ she becomes a loving part of. In a nurturing, loving, secure home your child will thrive and be forever grateful for his/her life.

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Ruth’s Story

"It is hard to express the depth of

my admiration and gratitude to

the birth mother of my son. 

Her courage and unselfishness in choosing adoption for her child enabled me to experience the

joys and fulfillment of motherhood.

Even during difficult times, that sense of gratitude for the blessing of receiving this priceless gift

was ever present."

Kellie’s Story

"My journey to becoming a mum is different to most families. My kids are adopted from Australia. It’s not all a ‘Fairy-tale’, they are really full on, but are the biggest blessing. To be entrusted with a baby from birth is a gift I love and adore. I feel now it was

meant to be. People don’t adopt or give up a baby for a happy reason usually; it’s hard, but to me, the baby comes first in the Adoption process. Truly, I respect the birth mums for making such a hard decision. I love being a mum, it’s the most important thing in my life."

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