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Lilyrose Pregnancy Support provides emotional and practical help to women and their families throughout their pregnancy.


Whether a planned or unplanned pregnancy, our friendly team listens to your concerns, offering confidential, compassionate, and caring assistance. Your options are explained to help clarify your thoughts.


Lilyrose Pregnancy Support is well-established in the Coffs Harbour Community. We have a network of contacts for referrals if we are unable to meet your immediate or long-term needs.


By building a bond of trust we aim to empower women to embrace motherhood with confidence.

Call us today to book your free consultation on 0423 227 917.

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You are not alone.
All our services are free and confidential.


— Antenatal Clinic

— Free pregnancy tests

— Telephone and face to face consultations

— Community referrals

— Accurate information to ensure that you’re fully informed about your pregnancy, abortion procedures and risks, parenting, adoption and sexual health

— Educational programs

— Practical, emotional and material support

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