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Friendly Support and Care for Women, their Partners and Families

It doesn't matter who or what you are, being a mother makes you special.

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Lilyrose Pregnancy Services provides support, care, and an Antenatal Clinic to Coffs Harbour’s mothers and their families.


In 2011, the Pregnancy Support Service called Lilyrose,  commenced in Coffs Harbour under the auspices of LifeHouse Church. This was in response to the recognised need for additional emotional and practical care for parents during a pregnancy.

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For most mums, the presence of a precious new life growing within, is an exhilarating and hoped for experience. Both Mums and Dads enjoy seeing their child on our Ultrasound Monitor.


Whether a Planned or Unplanned Pregnancy we aim to empower women by ensuring they are fully informed and receiving the care, love, and compassion they deserve for their individual needs.


By listening to and identifying her core values and concerns, we provide a range of information for women to be equipped to make a wise life choice that’s right for them.


An Antenatal Clinic was opened in 2015 giving women the opportunity to receive pregnancy care from our GP Obstetrician, Dr. Deirdre Little, and see their baby on our Ultrasound machine.  All women are ‘Bulk-Billed’.


Our Lilyrose integrated care means referrals can be made to our extensive local network as required.


All mums are given the respect of Privacy and Confidentiality.

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24/7 Pregnancy Support

We are here to help.

Call us anytime at 0423 227 917

Free Pregnancy Clinic

Our services are confidential and free.

Find further information regarding our clinic here

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