The Lilyrose Pregnancy Support Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which depends on your generous support. Please support us by making a one-off donation or by becoming a Lilyrose Partner.


Your support enables us to:


  • provide emotional, spiritual and practical support to girls/women who are experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

  • reach out to the families and/or partners who are affected by the pregnancy.

  • empower women to see their pregnancy through to full-term by educating them about their pregnancy, abortion procedures and risks, parenting, adoption, etc.

  • offer a mentoring program for continued support throughout the pregnancy and as long as it is required by the client.

  • offer support to women and/or men who have been hurt by an abortion

  • provide practical and material support

  • provide referrals to community services

  • advertise and market ourselves to ensure that all pregnant women are aware of our services

  • offer education on sexual health and integrity to women and the wider community


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The Lilyrose team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the anonymous donor who has made such a generous donation to our cause.


Your generosity will enable us to find ways for many lives to blossom. God bless you!